OE2010 V.11.0 Update

September 14, 2011
There is a new update available for the registered OE2010 users.
Again, I could implement some improvements and fixed some bugs. For example, now the Speaker-Prewarning window can be used to watch the finish times incl. the quick results even without any radio control. Also there is a decisive improvement in handling the vacant places for late entries. Some text in the help had been completed resp. improved. For details see the Readme file.
As usual, the download works as trial version as long as you don't have a valid OE2010 license. You can download it from the download page. Additional printable manuals as well as (so far) the German, Swedish and Finnish help files can be obtained from the special Version11 download page.
Enjoy exploring OE2010! Updates from V10 can be ordered through the online shop.

OE2010 used at two World Championships
In July, OE2010 had been used at two WOCs during the same week, the WMOC (World Masters OC) in Hungary and the JWOC (Juniors WOC) in Poland . Both WOCs where very successful and the organisers extensively used all possibilities of OE2010 regarding speaker functions, radio controls and live web broadcasting of the results. OE2003 users may have a look at the WMOC and JWOC results to experience the new HTML output of OE2010.

Exclusive information for the users

SportIdent resp. Emit settings
It should be mentioned that at multidays those settings have to be done individually for each stage. This is an enhancement compared to MT2003 to allow different settings at the particular stages. See also the updated text in the corresponding help topics.

Network problems
Some users have reported that there were problems with updating data on the server. With OE2010, you can have the data on the server without having installed OE2010 there. However, it is necessary to install and run OE2010 once to fix special registry settings which are important for multi-user database access over the network. This is exactly the procedure which formerly the CheckPC tool did. See also the help topic about networking.

As usual...
After some days, please have a look at the page about unknown addresses. Maybe you know somebody on this list. Please contact her/him and ask her/him to tell me if she/he is still interested in receiving the Sport Software News.

Have a good time!

Best regards
Stephan Krämer

EMail: StKraemer@sportsoftware.de